K.I.S. Mk III Chair

Transit and Self-Propelling - for Postural Mods

Customised sitting and back rest.


  • Frame materials: 4130 chrome moly tube
  • Seat width: starts at 340mm and increases at 20mm intervals
  • Seat depth: 400mm standard, or as prescribed
  • Frame Depth: Small, Medium and Large
  • Front castors: Alloy fork with fixed stem with 12mm bearings
  • Any colour Powder Coating
  • Arm rests
  • Handle Height: 920″ or as ordered
  • Back wheels: 3 hole blocks; Q/R rear wheels, S/S hand rims
  • Tyres: Either pneumatic or MCP tyres available
  • Front wheels: 125 x 25 solid, 6 x 1″ solid, 6×11/4 pneumatic, 175×29 solid, 8×11/4 pneumatic
  • Footplates: swinging detachable, split standard
  • Brakes: toggle, high or low mount


TYPES: Transit – Folding – Self-propelled – Growing.
All K.I.S Brand W/chairs carry a Lifetime Warranty against breakage.

If you need any more details or warranty information please contact us.

Postural Modifications Form K.I.S Mk III Wheelchair and Tilt-In-Space Prescription Form